Does anyone know how I can cache my APP_SHELL files using sw-precache plugin and React?

The application was created with the cra command and I have managed to read my own service-worker. For the build and to take my files I have the following configuration:

module.exports = {
        staticFileGlobs: [
        swFilePath: './build/service-worker.js',
        stripPrefix: 'build/',
        importScripts: (['./service-worker-custom.js']),
        handleFetch: false,
        minify: true,

But I do not know in which part to indicate that I need to cache the APP_SHELL of my PWA.

I have tried to do it from my custom service worker but I can not register the files correctly, I have tried it in this way:

const cacheUrls = [

const cacheUrls = [

const cacheUrls = [

But in no way registers the files in cache, only the index.html and the others when reviewing their conditional from the chrome console have the same content as index.html.


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