I m using NGX-Bootstrap for my angular6 project. I have reactive form and added datepicker to it and while returning the value from datepicker getting full format ex: "2018-11-07T05:12:35.000Z". But I want in MM-DD-YYYY.


Before returning the date, convert the date format as the following:

let date = new Date(dateValue).toLocaleDateString();

then assign date to the form controller

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    Thanks for the genius answer mate. Cheers! – Anjana Silva Jan 23 at 12:31

to be more generic you can create a directive which returns the date in the format you want. for eg.

<input changeDateFormat type="text" placeholder="Datepicker" class="form-control" #dp="bsDatepicker" bsDatepicker [(bsValue)]="bsValue">

export class changeDateFormatDirective implements OnChanges {
@Input() bsValue: Date;
@Output() bsValueChange = new EventEmitter();

constructor(private cdr: ChangeDetectorRef) { }

ngOnChanges(changes: SimpleChanges) {
//change Date format here, you can import format date from @angular/common


  <input  bsDatepicker [bsConfig]="{ dateInputFormat: 'MM-DD-YYYY'}" >
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    The above line of code only to show the format of date in input tag. But while returning the value from input using reactive form it is returning 2018-11-07T05:12:35.000Z. it is not returning the value as dateInputFormat. for temporary fix i m getting value using javascript document and updating the react form data. – duddu venkatesh Nov 26 '18 at 5:40

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