We're using the Microsoft.Graph package to connect to our Exchange 2016 Graph v2.0 API. I'm trying to find out how to create an IAuthenticationProvider to authenticate requests. I'm doing this inside an ASP.NET Core application, using c#.

When opening urls (e.g. https://outlook.example.org/api/v2.0/me/calendars) in Chrome we get a dialog to authenticate with username and password, and if I inspect the requests with Fiddler I can see that NTLM is negotiated for authentication.

So I suppose I need to construct an IAuthenticationProvider that supports NTLM, but it's unclear to me how to do so. I tried

  • Googling for a solutioin, but found no relevant results.
  • Understanding how NTLM works but that doesn't help much.

Any help on NTLM authentication with Microsoft.Graph?

PS. I'd need a solution that's cross-platform, so it can also run Linux, Mac, and Windows.

As a footnote, I tried to make sure it is really an authentication issue I'd be having, by creating a new project with RestSharp and xUnit, and wrote this test:

public void DoStuff()
    var client = new RestSharp.RestClient("https://outlook.example.org/api/v2.0")
        Authenticator = new NtlmAuthenticator("username", "password"),

    var response = client.Execute<dynamic>(new RestRequest("/me/calendars"));

This test passes and the debugger shows me that response.Data contains sensible stuff. So with this setup the NTLM stuff does work. (Don't think I can reuse the RestSharp NTLM authenticator since it uses WebRequest under the hood, whereas the Graph SDK seems to use HttpClient?)

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