I have to serialize std::queue that contains boost::variant. Variant has about 20 different structures. What is better/prefered way of representing variant in proto3? I mean, should I use oneof or any? How about their performance?

I do not ask how to do that I do not know what is the best solution.


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You start the other way round. You write a .proto file that defines (in Google's protobuf schema language) the "messages" you wish to define. One of these can be a 'oneof' containing lots of others. You then compile that .proto file using the Protocol Buffers compiler, and you end up with C++ source code that implements those messages as C++ classes derived from a library of base classes. These classes have serialisation routines built in. At no point do you use Boost or hand written C++ classes.

Boost::variant might very well be the equivalent of protobuf's 'oneof', but you'd not use it to contain different protobuf messages, because that's what 'oneof' does for you. Mixing Boost::variant with GPB's own style of doing things is likely asking for confusing code.

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