What does this symbol mean?

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    @PaulR Not everyone who arrives upon this question is looking to learn C++. I, for example, just happened to be skimming some C++ code and wanted to get the general idea of what the program is doing and needed a quick reference :)
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:: is the scope resolution operator - used to qualify names. In this case it is used to separate the class AirlineTicket from the constructor AirlineTicket(), forming the qualified name AirlineTicket::AirlineTicket()

You use this whenever you need to be explicit with regards to what you're referring to. Some samples:

namespace foo {
  class bar;
class bar;
using namespace foo;

Now you have to use the scope resolution operator to refer to a specific bar.

::foo::bar is a fully qualified name.

::bar is another fully qualified name. (:: first means "global namespace")

struct Base {
    void foo();
struct Derived : Base {
    void foo();
    void bar() {

This uses scope resolution to select specific versions of foo.


In C++ the :: is called the Scope Resolution Operator. It makes it clear to which namespace or class a symbol belongs.


It declares a namespace. So in AirlineTicket:: you can call all public functions of the AirlineTicket class and AirlineTicket() is the function in that namespace (in this case the constructor).


AirlineTicket is like a namespace for your class. You have to use it in the implementation of the constructor.

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