I think we were using gnuplot for decades. But still there is no good way to get a good video output from gnuplot, am I right? What I did is made around 30,000 images (I had to make it with good quality too, to get video clarity), then used ffmpeg to make the video:

ffmpeg -f image2 -r 10.0 -i capture.%d.png -qscale 1 filename.mp4

But some time I get stuck in between or it takes too long time. We may always need a video output with high quality and low file size, why no one is attempting to do anything, or is there any other method to make video out put from gnuplot? I am really struggling to make high quality videos with gnuplot.

  • I appologise for the frst comment " we were using gnuplot for decades. But still there is no good way to get a good video output from gnuplot", this is really aesome!! – fahd Feb 14 at 12:27

You can pipe the output of gnuplot directly to ffmpeg without storing the images on the hard drive. For that you need to tell ffmpeg what format and resolution it has to expect from the pipe, since it can not guess it alone from the extension etc. now. Here is an example:

gnuplot animation.plt | ffmpeg -f png_pipe -s:v 800x600 -i pipe: out.mp4

I used the code from here with some minor modifications.


# Creating an animation gif of the Bessel function
# NOTE: this files creates multiple png images, the gif file is then created
# using GIMP
# AUTHOR: Hagen Wierstorf

set terminal pngcairo size 800,600 enhanced font 'Verdana,10'

# color definitions
set palette rgb 3,9,9

unset key; unset colorbox; unset border; unset tics
set lmargin at screen 0.03
set bmargin at screen 0
set rmargin at screen 0.97
set tmargin at screen 1

set parametric
# Bessel function, which is moving in time
bessel(x,t) = besj0(x) * cos(2*pi*t)
# calculate the zeros for the bessel function (see Watson, "A Treatise on the
# Theory of Bessel Functions", 1966, page 505)
n = 6 # number of zeros
k = (n*pi-1.0/4*pi)
u_0 = k + 1/(8*k) - 31/(384*k)**3 + 3779/(15360*k)**5
set urange [0:u_0]
set vrange[0:1.5*pi]
set cbrange [-1:1]
set zrange[-1:1]

set isosamples 200,100
set pm3d depthorder
set view 40,200

# initializing values for the loop and start the loop
t = 0
end_time = 1
#system('mkdir -p animation')
load 'bessel.plt'


# bessel loop
t = t + 0.02
#outfile = sprintf('animation/bessel%03.0f.png',50*t)
#set output outfile
splot u*sin(v),u*cos(v),bessel(u,t) w pm3d ls 1
if(t<end_time) reread;

Gives you a video which looks like this. (This is downscaled and transcoded gif just for demo purposes) compressed gif

You can also play around with ffmpeg encoder parameters. here only default video encoder config is used.

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    Great ..!!, I'm really thankful for the reply... :) .. – fahd Nov 24 '18 at 8:23
  • I got two errors.. !!! , [png @ 0x206e660] Invalid PNG signature 0xD494844520000. Error while decoding stream #0:0: Invalid data found when processing input, – fahd Nov 24 '18 at 9:18
  • could you please explain the difference in ffmpeg commands that you used and the one I pasted. or some link to understand what each terms stands for like what's -image2, png-pipe etc.. – fahd Nov 24 '18 at 9:22
  • @fahd ok first of all did you get it to work with the code I posted? I assume the problem appears when you use your gnuplot script? The difference between image2 and png_pipe is that the first reads from the list of image files while the second awaits piped png sequence. Maybe in your case image2pipe will work. – Dimitri Podborski Nov 24 '18 at 9:33
  • Once I made a gif with 3000*3000 pixel size, and the file is about 300 MB. But I was unable to do anything with that file. Even if I open the containing folder, my Pc gets stuck.. However I need that much or more resolution since my particles are rectangular in shape. thats why I moved to ffmpeg so that atleast I could open the files just as a movie. But is there any way I can make gif (Mp4 too) files with high resolution but lighter in size ?, Can I contact you @incBrain ? – fahd Nov 24 '18 at 9:34

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