I want to put a regex in a YAML config file (say: config/filename.yaml), eg.

  section: Begining
  regex: '/ ^ <[ a..b, A..B ]> /'
  section: Next
  regex: '/ ^ <[ c..z, C..Z ]> /'

When I read this into a hash (eg. using YAMLish), eg.,

use YAMLish;
my @h = load-yaml('config/filename.yaml'.IO.slurp);

naturally I have a string in @h[0]<regex>

So how do I recover a regex from a string for use in a match?

I want something like the following, but the following doesn't work:

say 'Its a beginning' if 'A beginning' ~~ @h[0]<regex>

It doesn't work as desired because @h[0]<regex> is a Str, so the smart match is testing a Str in @h[0]<regex> against a Str literal. So how to get the regex out of the Str?


You interpolate a string held in a variable $var into a regex via / <$var> /, or, in case of more complex expressions like yours, / <{ @h[0]<regex> }> /.

Note, however, that you first have to remove the enclosing slashes from your string. For trusted input, there's of course always EVAL...


I think it's a good idea to compile external regexes, so you know right away if they fail (and they will be faster afterwards):

Perl6 REPL:

> my $str = '\d+'; my $rx = rx/ <$str> /; say "a" ~~ $rx; say "10" ~~ $rx

Of course it's easier providing a "pure" regex, not one that also has syntax (/ /).

Perl documentation

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