Hope someone can help me.

I have purchases Jetpack for wordpress which includes the video hosting package. On my the site im currently building i want to have the ability to display a video at the top of a post but not actually in the post. From what i can see so far if i want to upload my own video to wordpress using jetpack i can only display it within a post by adding to the media. The effect i really want to get though is the video not in the post but within an ACF PRO custom field, mainly a 'gallery' as this needs to display at the top of the post when a user clicks onto the post. Everything i have tried so far hasnt worked and i really need a work around for it. Is there a way to get the shortcode from the video into a gallery?

Any help appreciated


better way for add video to website is use video player frameworks like plyr.io and video.js and fluid player and more

You do not need another solution With these, put the videos at the top of your pages

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