I would like to know how can we pass list of objects (collection) in elasticsearch query so that I can use the values of the list in script in the query. Simply I would like to pass List of objects as a parameter to the script in the query.

Please assume that my list has some 16K entries and an object in the list has three fields (startDate, endDate, offset).

Bringing my exact problem here with example which will help you to answer my question with the context.

My elasticsearch indexed documents with fields title(string) and dt_2(datetime). I would like to retrieve the documents from elasticsearch based on my query.

My query has following inputs:

  1. startTime: Start time in a day (Example: 12:00)
  2. endTime: End time in a day (Example: 13:00)
  3. myList: List of 16000 objects. The object is having fields (startDate, endDate, offset)

Please note the offset is just integer value which indicates number of minutes to be added.

My query is to get the matched documents based on dt_2. The matching condition is if dt_2 is between startDate and endDate of any element in myList then that element.offset (minutes) added with dt_2 (datetime) should be between startTime and endTime.

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