I have an environment of several Mysql databases - version 5.6 (single instances) which I need to replicate. (Running on CentOS 7.X servers under AWS). What is the best way to do so? (Those are production-mission critical- DBs that handle thousand of operations per minute and need to remain highly available.)

I’d like to know if you have any ideas regarding implementing this in a production environment (avoiding any down time - as much as possible) + to have no side-effects on the DB’s performance.

Moreover - we need to know if its possible to replicate data between different version? (in case we would like to upgrade the Mysql version).

Thank you.

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    Doesn't AWS' RDS have the ability to do this fairly automatically? – Tim Biegeleisen Nov 25 at 6:43
  • Yes, but currently our production DBs are not manage through RDS rather on EC2 -LVM. – YarK Nov 25 at 7:16
  • I would suggest to try to configure online replication which should then synchronize over time with your master and then you will switch when you are confident about the data. Supported replication between different versions is described very clearly in the documentation. – petrch Nov 25 at 8:29

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