I want to create a Bot that automatically keeps posting in a Telegram channel.I am using Node.js. I am using Telegraf.js wrapper for Telegram API. You may even suggest any other suitable wrapper for this task.


Telegraph documentation is very comprehensive and you can find it at https://telegraf.js.org. I'm sure it will answer most of your questions.

If you want your bot to keep posting messages in a channel, simply execute this line of code in a loop:

ctx.telegram.sendMessage(CHANNEL_ID, 'your message')

Don't forget to replace CHANNEL_ID and 'your message' with your own values.


If your Channel is public. You need set admin in you channel. Use: ctx.telegram.sendMessage(Channels_Username, 'your message')


ctx.telegram.sendMessage('@birodarlar', 'Hi everyone')

If your Channel is Private You need set admin in you channel.Use: ctx.telegram.sendMessage(Channels_id, 'your message')


ctx.telegram.sendMessage('-145542325454', 'Hi everyone')

you can wiev your channels id with this link https://core.telegram.org/bots/api#sendmessage for 5 minutes you need public it and know channel id with url parsing

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