I have this validate function component how I can use It to return callback funcion?

the first file only for check validity

export function checkValidity(value, rules, shouldValidat) {
   let isValid = true;

    return isValid;

the second file caller

import { checkValidity } from "../UI/CheckValidity";
let res = checkValidity(vlaue, validationRules, shouldValidat);

callback = () =>{
   alert("call back function is done");

how I can call the callback function from the first file using react js?

  • pass callback as argument to checkvalidity and call it right before return – joyBlanks Nov 26 '18 at 10:49

You need to have a callback in checkValidity function.

So you need to add callback as argument in checkValidity(value, rules, shouldValidat, callback) and then simply do:

export function checkValidity(value, rules, shouldValidat, callback) {
   let isValid = true;
   /*do your validation here and if it's okay then call callback*/
   return isValid;
  • maybe return the value in the callback as well ? callback(value) – Fawzi Nov 26 '18 at 10:53
  • let res = checkValidity(vlaue, validationRules, shouldValidat, this.callback); – marwan almaseed Nov 26 '18 at 11:33

You should write a function which is like ;

callback(email) {
const re = ..... => it should be validation rule 
if(re.test) {
return email;
return false;

and when you call function in other function you should give your email or other params for function param .


Two callback examples:

  1. Callback when something is true callback(isValid)
  2. Callback to deal with false (if needed) errorcallback(isValid)

    export const checkValidity = (value, rules, shouldValidate, callback, errorcallback) => {
        let isValid = true; // hardcoded
        isValid ? callback(isValid) : errorcallback(isValid)
        return isValid;

How to invoke

Pass your functions as arguments 4 & 5, in this case, callback and errorcallback

val denotes a parameter passed back from the callback. in our example above were passing isValid which we are now calling val from where checkValidity() is invoked.

import { checkValidity } from "../UI/CheckValidity";
let res = checkValidity(value, validationRules, shouldValidate);

    (val) => {console.log('callback() if true!! ' + val )},
    (val) => {console.log('errorcallback() if false!!' + val}

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