I am using ElasticSearch 5.6, and my data often involves numeric strings containing ordinal or cardinal numbers as "fifth", or "forty-one" or "one hundred and twenty two". I want an analyzer whose token filter will stem these numeric word forms into its more basic numeric form, like,

"fifth" ==> 5
"forty-one" ==> 41
"one hundred and twenty two" ==> 122

Doing this via synonyms would be very cumbersome and I am not able to do it correctly using Pattern replace. During both input and search process, data may contain all forms of numeric words, like 5 / 5th / Five / Fifth.

Any help here would be appreciated!

  • This sounds like a job for a custom analysis plugin. I am not aware of one that does this, however. – Benjamin Trent Nov 26 '18 at 16:03

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