I would like to add custom tags to ActionView::Base.sanitized_allowed_tags for sanitize() method.

As written in the documentation, i have to add an config option in application.rb like below to append new custom tags :

# In config/application.rb
config.action_view.sanitized_allowed_tags = ['strong', 'em', 'a']

But when i set a new tag like :

config.action_view.sanitized_allowed_tags = ["nav"]

It replace the default tags ["strong", "em", "b", "i", ...] with only ["nav"]. The only workaround i found is to re-declare the whole default array with the new tags merged :

config.action_view.sanitized_allowed_tags = ["nav", "strong", "em", "b", "i", ...]

I also tried config.action_view.sanitized_allowed_tags += ["nav"] but by default sanitized_allowed_tags is null.

There is an better way to add tags without re-declaring the defaults ones at application level ?

I'm using Ruby on Rails v5.2

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In Rails 6, sanitized_allowed_tags and sanitized_allowed_attributes are not class methods.

You can add your values like following:

config.action_view.sanitized_allowed_attributes = Rails::Html::SafeListSanitizer.allowed_attributes.add('target')
config.action_view.sanitized_allowed_tags = Rails::Html::SafeListSanitizer.allowed_tags.add('u')
  • Um... no, this is wrong. It does not work in Rails 6: uninitialized constant Rails::Html (NameError) Commented Jun 15, 2021 at 5:53
  • @railsfanatic Rails::Html exists in rails-html-sanitizer gem, which is a dependency of actionview.
    – goofansu
    Commented Jun 16, 2021 at 6:09

You can do it in an after_initialize block:

config.after_initialize do
  ActionView::Base.sanitized_allowed_tags.add 'nav'

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