TLDR: how to git add --patch yarn.lock after various dependency changes?

Okay, this might be my sometimes messy workflow but I want to know all possible options before deciding if that's actually true 😉

So I really like to sometimes rapidly move forward and then git add --patch my changes in contextual chunks/hunks as I see fit when I feel it's time to version my mess, and I prefer git add --patch recently anyway as I get to see my changes one by one while deciding consciously… Only problem I came across so far is yarn.lock (I guess package-lock.json might be the same).

To get to the point, after messing around, changing various things, installing/removing dependencies, I decide e.g. one of those changes gets to be "official" now, I can easily pick all the desired changes related to this. But at this stage I might have installed/removed multiple dependencies, so yarn.lock has changed a lot and, contrary to package.json, I can't safely and easily pick just the updates I care about. Not without checking all changed packages in detail and figuring out their dependencies. Or am I missing something?

Based on this issue using git checkout -- yarn.lock could be a way, so I would check out a former yarn.lock, but I would have to at least temporarily undo changes to package.json, than do my yarn add/remove .. so yarn.lock updates correctly, git everything, then redo my package.json/yarn.lock changes and continue my work.

Any other ways/proposals?


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