In Haskell, it is possible, as a language feature, to derive a parser from a string to an arbitrary datatype: that's called the Read class. Is it possible to do so in Rust? That is, given an arbitrary enum such as:

enum Foo {
    A { x: u32, s: String },
    B { v: Vec<u8> },

and, given that Rust includes the Debug trait as a language feature that serializes an arbitrary datatype, is it possible to also automatically generate its corresponding Parse trait?

In other words, is there a default Rust feature that allows me to derive a parse(&str) -> Foo function such that, for any string s either parse(&s) == None or format!("{:?}", parse(&s).unwrap()) == s?

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    serde is probably what you are looking for. – Stargateur Nov 27 '18 at 0:56
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    You may be interested in RON, a data format that is something of a middle ground between JSON and what Debug outputs, and does support deserialization through serde. – trentcl Nov 27 '18 at 13:47

No, there is no such feature. Debug is intended for human/programmer consumption, not for machines.

There's no guarantee that the Debug output is even in a parseable format or that it contains the complete data of a type.

I recommend using Serde instead, paired with an existing defined serialization format of your choice.

If you wanted to, you could define your own derive attributes that implement Debug and FromStr by calling into Serde.

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