In my project, index.html and index.page need to define as default page for request path.


DocumentRoot /web/apache/docs/personal

**Web server**

**App server**

When request hit https://www.abcd.com/personl,
Need to find index.html page first, if found redirect to 

If not found need to redirect to index.page
(which is exist in app server not in current Apache Web server).

In Apache httpd.conf, DirectoryIndex is okay to redirect index.html as default page but for index.page, is not working as it is not in the web server.

html redirection is work, but this need to put in every folder of wed directory.

meta http-equiv="resresh" content="0;URL='/personal/index.page'"

Is there another solution for more effective way, I don't want to put html redirect in every directory of web server.

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