I have a workflow with multiple activities that I'm editing on VS2017. This workflow is here: C:/Repo/Workflows/ProjectXyz/Foo/ThisFile.xaml

This workflow is populated with activities, one of those activities is of type MyPathActivity. This activity has a button. When that button is clicked (on design time from ThisFile.xaml), I want it to show a MessageBox with the text C:/Repo/Workflows/ProjectXyz/Foo/ThisFile.xaml, but I don't know how to get that path.

How can I get the path to the xaml file at design time?

All that I've tried got me to the VS debugger path, the project's root path,... but I need the full path to the xaml that I'm editing.

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I've managed to get the xaml path:

We point to the EditingContext (Context property of the ActivityDesigner) and then to its Items property. Those items are a collection of ContextItems of these types:

  • ReadOnlyState
  • AssemblyContextControlItem
  • WorkflowCommandExtensionItem
  • WorkflowFileItem
  • Selection

Now WorkflowFileItem sound a lot like something that would be useful =)

Pointing to the property LoadedFile of that item we get:



Now the code:

public static class DesignerUtils
    public static string GetXamlPathFromActivityDesignerElement<TActivityDesigner
        (TActivityDesigner designer) where TActivityDesigner : ActivityDesigner
        EditingContext editingContext = designer.Context;
        ContextItemManager items = editingContext.Items;
        WorkflowFileItem fileItem = (WorkflowFileItem)items
            .SingleOrDefault(item => item is WorkflowFileItem);

        return fileItem.LoadedFile;

Here the use in the click handler:

public void OnPathButtonClick(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    string xamlPath = DesignerUtils
        (sender as FrameworkElement);

Edit: First version needed the event sender. That is a totally unnecesary step, because we already have the designer using this

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