I have an issue when i want to publish a project i receive the error message

"obj\debug\project.exe.config;obj\Debug\project.exe.config"is an invalid value for the "ConfigFile" parameter of the "GenerateApplicationManifest" task.
Multiple items cannot be passed into a parameter of type
I have searched about the issue and i found i have to uncheck "Enable ClickOnce security settings" at Properties/Security but still have the same problem cannot publish my project.. ?



Probably the transformation file is wrong. It seems like it is trying to add multiple config files at the same time.

Have you tried to look at your transformation file? It could be helpful, if you could post the transformation file.

Also this article, seems like there is a solution here for a similar issue:

I ran into this same problem. What fixed it for me was changing the line in the transform from above


<AppConfigWithTargetPath Remove="app.config" />


<AppConfigWithTargetPath Remove="@(AppConfigWithTargetPath)"/>
  • My transformation config is default* nothing more i will try it ,but i think that is gonna work my friend,thank you – Charlie Nov 28 '18 at 13:34
  • Switched from 2015 to 2017 and this fixed builds for me. – WernerCD Feb 25 at 18:11

Got the same error on my WPF project (Visual Studio 2013), no idea why. I solved it disabling the ClickOnce security settings.

  • Project Properties
  • Security tab
  • Untick "Enable ClickOnce security settings"

enter image description here


This error when away after re-entering my outdated source control account credentials ( VisualStudio 2017: File > Account Settings... ).

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