I am trying to run the Cosmos emulator in a docker container, following the instructions on the docker hub. When I start run the container:

md $env:LOCALAPPDATA\CosmosDBEmulatorCert 2>null
docker run -v $env:LOCALAPPDATA\CosmosDBEmulatorCert:C:\CosmosDB.Emulator\CosmosDBEmulatorCert -P -t -i -m 2GB microsoft/azure-cosmosdb-emulator

I see the expected output. However, the documentation says that

After starting the Emulator container you will find two forms of the certificate at %LOCALAPPDATA%\azure-cosmosdb-emulator.hostd:

I see nothing, and no files are written to the directory. When I try to import the certificate, there is nothing to import. How do I get the emulator to import the SSL certificate?

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