On my website I have made a page in HTML, which I have made for a template. It works fine, but how do I translate it into another language?

I have looked under "Strings" but can not find anything ...

  • I had made a HTML page from scratch, and I would like this HMTL page to be a landing page on my website. I insert it into a new file in Wordpress, and insert the following PHP code: <? Php / * Template Name: myTemplateName * /?> I can activate my temple, and it seems as it should. All I have to figure out is how I translate my template into another language. Anyone who knows how to do? I have used the WPML Wordpress plugin for the rest of the page. – Oscar S. Nov 28 '18 at 7:08

You must first completely convert HTML to WordPress, so you can use the multilingual plugin. Be sure to make the files index.php , style.css Make the code for the Css in the first css so that the plugin can recognize the plugin. Then you need functions wp_head() in head in header.php and wp_footer() in footer.php

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