I've been setting up SimpleSamlPHP for a drupal 7 site, I have most of it working besides an SP initiated login from the Drupal Site. When you do that the drupalsite/module/simplsamlphp is adding the port 18641 to the relay state. Then when it tries to redirect you back to the site after a successful login it fails to load.

Using the SAML Trace in firefox I'm seeing this relay state in the SAMLRequest part.

If I test from the /simplsaml page it shows this:


And from the Drupal Site:

RelayState: https://mysite:18641/saml_login?destination=user

Anybody have any idea what would be adding that?

  • I have tried to hard code the relay state in the authsources on the IDP but nothing seems to work. IT does seem to come from the simplesamlphp auth module that I'm using in Drupal so I'm going to start looking there. – Ryan Klingaman Nov 28 '18 at 15:59

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