I am new to WebLogic, I got problem while starting target on WebLogic.

My environment as follows:

  1. I have one cluster named as Cluster1
  2. In that 4 JVM are there like JVM1, JVM2, JVM3, JVM4
  3. JVM1 and JVM2 are in active mode.
  4. JVM3 and JVM4 are in passive mode.
  5. When I am trying to stop cluster1 its successful shut down all JVM with the msg JVM3, JVM4 are already shut down and after that JVM1 and JVM2 were stopped successfully.
  6. But when I m trying to start cluster1 it gives me the error like java.lang.RuntimeException: Error getting server state!

Please help me to understand the working of start and stop of a cluster and their JVM's which are in active/passive mode.

Thanks in advanced.

  • If you start your servers (or cluster) via the admin console you need the NodeManager be running. Otherwise start your server using start scripts in your domain – Emmanuel Collin Nov 28 '18 at 8:21

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