I am using asp.net friendly urls just for removing aspx from end of files in url. there is no use for anything about routing. just using defaults. but the problem is in the following url:

mysite/friends/list/any_random_string (friends is a folder and list is list.aspx)

This url loads list.aspx and I think asp.net is getting any_random_string as a parameter to list.aspx

we are passing parameters to pages using querystring and do not use routing for that.

as this is not specific only to this url and we have tens of structures like this on website, Is this possible to redirect all these kind of urls to 404 and not let it be loaded? of-course without disabling friendlyurls.


Want: mysite/friends/list/?show=recent

Do not want: mysite/friends/list/any_random_string


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