Trying to create a Pipfile for a specific Python version, but pipenv fails to detect that the installed Python version is present. Using asdf to install and manage Python versions.

↪ python --version
Python 3.6.6

↪ pipenv --python 3.6.6
Warning: Python 3.6.6 was not found on your system…
You can specify specific versions of Python with:
  $ pipenv --python path/to/python

↪ asdf current python
3.6.6    (set by /Users/dennis/some/project/.tool-versions)

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Recreate the shims for the desired Python version, then try again.

↪ asdf update

↪ asdf reshim python 3.6.6

↪ pipenv --python 3.6.6
Creating a virtualenv for this project…

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