I have custom NSView class which I am porting from OpenGL to Metal for GPU rendering. A lot of places in the code, earlier we used to call setNeedsDisplayInRect with an invalidated rect on the NSView, which I queried during the call to drawRect for rendering final content to the screen.

For moving to Metal, I have added a CAMetalLayer to my custom NSView class. With the addition of this CAMetalLayer, getRectsBeingDrawn returns NULL.

  1. Are we saying that getRectsBeingDrawn only works for non-layer/non-metal layer backed NSViews?

Moreover, I also see a setNeedsDisplayInRect in CALayer, but I don't see a getter like getRectsBeingDrawn in CALayer.

  1. Should I move to setNeedsDisplayInRect in CALayer for dirty rects in case of layer backed views? But, then again how do I retrieve those dirty rects?

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