I am trying to manually clean the change tracking tables within SQL Server 2017.

I run the command

exec sp_flush_CT_internal_table_on_demand 'mydb.data.foobar'

Error message:

Msg 2501, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sys.sp_MSflush_CT_internal_table_on_demand, Line 22 [Batch Start Line 40]
Cannot find a table or object with the name "mydb.data.foobar". Check the system catalog.

The table 'mydb.data.foobar' does exist.

The following successfully returns:

select object_id('mydb.data.foobar')

Anyone ever manually clean CT ?

  • The rather sparse doc indicates the parameter is table name. I'll guess that this means you need to provide the name of a table in the current database. – SMor Nov 28 '18 at 20:54

There is a system stored procedure available sys.sp_flush_commit_table_on_demand in case we want to do a manual cleanup with configurable batch size. However it should be used only in cases where you can not manage the Change Tracking internal tables with auto cleanup.

You should also disable Auto Cleanup whenever you run manual cleanup otherwise they may block each other.

EXEC sp_flush_commit_table_on_demand 100000

Use something like this:

EXEC sys.sp_flush_CT_internal_table_on_demand 'Table_Name'

It work for me. I think you missed sys.

Setting auto_cleanup = false basically means cleanup is disabled, this allows you to do any troubleshooting if you're having sync issues that need debugging/investigation.

If this isn't helpful, check this: Change tracking cleanup process in SQL Server 2016 and 2017

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