I would like to connect to a HTTP Proxy with Fiddler Core.

I'm using the oSession['X-OverrideGateway'] = "HOSTNAME:PORT" code to do it.

Now authentication is needed for the proxy. I see in other question a solution. It says:

oSession.oRequest["Proxy-Authorization"] = "Basic sOMeBASE64eNCODEdSTRING=";

Where the hash at the end is the Base64 coding of the 'username:password'

My question about this workaround:

It results a HTTP_PROXY_AUTHORIZATION HTTP header to my requests. Not just from fiddler to the proxy, but also from the proxy to the web.

Shouldn't it be removed by the proxy?

Is there a workaround with Fiddler so I can connect a HTTP Proxy with credentials without HTTP headers?

I would like to use Fiddler Core.

  • Did you scroll down and see the second answer: "Rules > Automatically Authenticate"? – CodeCaster Dec 5 at 13:02
  • That didn't work. And I meant that this is not involved in Fiddler Core – Tomi Dec 6 at 17:25
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HTTP_PROXY_AUTHORIZATION header is required for proxy to work.

Please refer to the HTTP RFC section 4.4 https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7235#section-4.4

As it mentions, if there are multiple proxies in a chain, your proxy server may forward the headers ahead.

The difference you see with Fiddler Core and Proxifier could be due difference in their configuration.

  • It is not involved in the fiddler core. Or am I missing something? – Tomi Dec 5 at 14:41
  • @Tomi not sure, do you mean by it is not involved in fiddler core? Yes, this header is related to HTTP protocol and not specific to fiddler – Amol Dec 6 at 2:48
  • Then how Proxifier works? I can connect to a http proxy with proxifier and this header is not visible – Tomi Dec 6 at 17:26
  • Perhaps your proxy settings for Proxifier and FiddlerCore are different. I have updated my answer with more detail on this. – Amol Dec 7 at 16:51
  • 1
    I am not entirely sure. Either fiddler thinks there’s one more proxy in the chain or it’s a Fiddler Core bug/defect? Maybe it would be worth posting this on fiddler forums at telerik.com/forums/fiddler – Amol 2 days ago

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