I have a large model with many levels and attributes and I want to have one Input in my XML view which will always edit 1 attribute from the model, but every time it will be a different attribute.

I want to edit for example attributes on following paths:


Let's say that now I am interested in editing the nickname of user nr2 so I will save its path to a variable:

myModel.setProperty("currentlyEditedPath", "myModel>/user/2/nickname");

And I want to define my Input like this:

<Input value="{myModel>/currentlyEditedPath}" >

And what happens is that UI5 will allow me to edit the string "myModel>/user/2/nickname" it self. But its wrong. I only want to use the string as a reference to some other value deep in the model which should be modified and updated. I should probably write something like this, but I cannot find the correct way:

<Input value="{ ${myModel> ${myModel>/currentlyEditedPath} } } " >

Any ideas, please? .. as simple as possible. Best inline.


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I think the Element binding is the good way. Feel free to comment on this:

var oInput = sap.ui.core.Fragment.byId("myFragmentID","myInputID");
oInput.bindProperty("value", "myModel>nickname");

Or I can also place the value to the XML:

<Input value="{myModel>nickname}" >

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