I have a pretty complex SQL query that is pulling data from a our database for a particular month @month.

The month is based on our internal month-numbering system, so at the beginning of the code, we define the month number we would like to use.

I have now been informed that we need this code running for the previous 12 months, is there an easy way to convert the whole code into an EXEC statement so I can loop through the different values of the @month variable?

I've done this before for simple code, but this one has lots of string-based criteria, which would need to be manually edited to accommodate all the inverted commas (').

Thanks in advance.

  • Instead of converting your code to dynamic SQL and run it in a loop, it would probably be better to convert it to be able to handle a set of months instead of a single month. Since you didn't share any code, though, I can't help with any tips for this. – Zohar Peled Nov 29 '18 at 8:12
  • Please provide us with your current code, then we'll convert it to dynamic... – Birel Nov 29 '18 at 8:34

Put your query inside a store procedure with @month param in input, then call you procedure 12 time:

s_procName 1
s_procName 2
s_procName 3

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