I have implemented Meteor-CollectionFS for image uploading in a post and everything is working fine as like uploading & showing.

Now I'm working for versioning as like resize an image while uploading & given this name is thumb see the below code

  ProjectImages = new FS.Collection('ProjectImages', {
        new FS.Store.FileSystem("images", {
           path: "~/files/images"
        new FS.Store.FileSystem("thumb", {
           transformWrite: function(fileObj, readStream, writeStream){
              gm(readStream, fileObj.name())
              .resize('400', '350').stream()
        // new FS.Store.GridFS('ProjectImages')
     filter: {
        allow: {
           contentTypes: ['image/*'],
           extensions: ['png', 'PNG', 'jpg', 'JPG', 'jpeg', 'JPEG']

And I'm showing the image as natural as like

this.state.events.map((event, i) => (
  <img src={ event.projectImage } />

and it's showing original image not resized but the log is showing image has resized see the below

FS.File._saveChanges: images
UPDATE: {"$set":{"copies.images":{"name":"dev.jpg","type":"image/jpeg","size":204521,"key":"ProjectImages-NSAxTejMyoQKZvQ6f-dev.jpg","updatedAt":"2018-11-29T08:08:33.230Z","createdAt":"2018-11-29T08:08:33.230Z"}}}

FS.File._saveChanges: thumb
UPDATE: {"$set":{"copies.thumb":{"name":"dev.jpg","type":"image/jpeg","size":24104,"key":"ProjectImages-NSAxTejMyoQKZvQ6f-dev.jpg","updatedAt":"2018-11-29T08:08:33.471Z","createdAt":"2018-11-29T08:08:33.471Z"}}}

My question is how to show the thumb image instead of original


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