I must migrate the old static website from Windows Server 2008 to Azure Static Website which works based on Azure Blob Storage. The website which I must migrate is quite big, there are nearly 2GB of files. After I’ve copied the websites content to the Azure Blob storage I found that some links don’t work, and it is because of the case sensitivity. E.g. the link www.websitename.com/blah/.../FoO.jpg where the real name of the file is foo.jpg is managed properly by the Windows Server but Azure Static Website returns Http Status Code 404. I tried to check how many links to the Foo.jpg are in the project and I found thousands of them, plus I found that there are more than 100 copies of the foo.jpg in different locations of the project. The easiest solution I see is to manually change the all the names FoO.jpg to lower case in links, using regular expressions, in some code editor but it’s a bit scary because I can miss some of the occurrences. Is there a possibility to disable a case sensitivity so I can have the same behavior as in the Windows Server or is there any other easy workaround?

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