Before version 2 you could just not pass remove prop to <Resource/> component. However now delete action is included by default in <List/> view and I can't find anywhere in docs how I can disable it.

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Putting false to bulkActionButtons of List disables bulk actions.

<List bulkActionButtons={false}>

transGLUKator mentioned about bulkActionButtons but it took time for me to find value to disable bulk actions.


Source code of List of react-admin: https://github.com/marmelab/react-admin/blob/93bc43fcec652e6c2eaaa2dc7bdf45b2f64e12fb/packages/ra-ui-materialui/src/list/List.js#L128


<Datagrid/> component has bulkActionButtons prop, where you can customize how bulk actions work. Here is the link to docs

If you are using the version 3 or lower you can provide the bulkActionButtons to the <List /> component.



The <List> bulkActionButtons prop is now deprecated—instead you use it directly on <DataGrid>, e.g.

  <Datagrid bulkActionButtons={false}>

See the DataGrid bulkActionButtons docs

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