I have installed and configured RavenDB in one of the server environment. (Windows 2012) I need to secure the Ravendb Studio, hence created self-signed certificate and applied the changed in the settings.json as given below

"ServerUrl": "",
"Setup.Mode": "None",
"License.Eula.Accepted": true,
"Security.Certificate": {
    "Path": "cloud16_company_com.pfx",
    "Password": "123456789"

Once RavenDB starts it seems good and it is running on the given URL. But when I browse using Internet Explorer or chrome, it says "Authentication Error occurred". Error


  • Additional information I am using development license. – Ganesh Ram Ravi Nov 29 '18 at 14:35

The issue is that you didn't register a client certificate to use for authentication. You can register cloud16_company_com.pfx as the client certificate, which will work because RavenDB trust its own certificate. Or you can register an explicit client certificate. That is probably a better idea. See here how to register / generate your client certificate:


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  • Thanks for your suggestion. Still I am facing a different error now. I tried installing using Raven wizard using Let's encrypt. I configured with 3 nodes, it get succeeded including domain registration after that it asked me to restart. I clicked restart, but server is unavailable. URL I registered is srghome.ravendb.community I want to know does it requires real domain ? Please let me know what went wrong.. Thanks in advance. – Ganesh Ram Ravi Dec 2 '18 at 10:18

The following is taken from: RavenDB Documentation

  • Try closing all instances of the browser and then restart it.

  • If that doesn't work, register the client certificate in the OS store.
    In Windows, double-click the certificate file and click 'next' all the way.

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