I want to get Create table script for an existing Table basically DDL from web UI or something similar to Show create table . I have googled couldn't find anything relevant


There is a Feature Request to have equivalent of SHOW CREATE TABLE MySQL command. As you can see from the comment#2 from Elliott, it's not likely to be implemented. However you can "recreate a CREATE TABLE statement using INFORMATION_SCHEMA", for more detail, please check this public issue.


I don't think you can retrieve a CREATE statement from an existing table in BigQuery, but you can do:

-Obtain the table schema:

bq show --schema --format=prettyjson [PROJECT_ID]:[DATASET].[TABLE] > ./schema.json

-Create a new table from the schema file:

bq mk --table --description [DESCRIPTION] [PROJECT_ID]:[DATASET].[TABLE] ./schema.json

You can review the additional settings for table creation here.

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