Create function in Databricks Notebook to remove accents from words

import unicodedata
import sys

from pyspark.sql.functions import translate, regexp_replace

def make_trans():
    matching_string = ""
    replace_string = ""

    for i in range(ord(" "), sys.maxunicode):
        name = unicodedata.name(chr(i), "")
        if "WITH" in name:
                base = unicodedata.lookup(name.split(" WITH")[0])
                matching_string += chr(i)
                replace_string += base
            except KeyError:

    return matching_string, replace_string

def clean_text(c):
    matching_string, replace_string = make_trans()
    return translate(
        regexp_replace(c, "\p{M}", ""), 
        matching_string, replace_string

But I am not able to change the value in the dataframe, if I execute the command as select it works, but when I apply this command the following error occurs

Command error: df['productName'] = clean_text(df['productName'])

TypeError: Column is not iterable

This command execute with sucess


Do I have to loop one line at a time? Is this correct way to work with spark + databricks?

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Dataframes are immutable so you cannot change the value. You can however add a new column. So in your case:

df = df.withColumn("cleanProductName", clean_text(df['productName']))

That "feels" like duplication at first. But remember the dataframe is immutable so is always the same size. Think of it as a View in a SQL database. Hence the Select works.

If you really want you can drop the old column from the dataframe. But unless you actually use the column (select * from example) it will make no difference to the overall performance.


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