When I run FxCop on my project, I get a large number of warnings with the ID of CA2007. This ID is missing from the docs (it just skips from CA2006 to CA2100), but the message I get is:

Do not directly await a Task without calling ConfigureAwait

I was under the impression that .NET Core didn't use synchronisation contexts and that this meant I didn't need to use .ConfigureAwait(bool). When I try and Google it though, I can now only find mentions of ASP.NET Core (e.g. this blog post).

Given that I can't find anything authoritative, I'm beginning to wonder whether I've mistaken an ASP.NET Core change for one that applies more generally to all of .NET Core.

Can anyone give me a definitive answer?

Should I need to go through my app and apply a liberal sprinkling of ConfigureAwait? Or should I just disable CA2007 in my FxCop ruleset?

  • Sorry @HansPassant, but what do you mean? It's a developing issue that I should keep an eye on? Or I should update FxCop? (I think I'm on the latest.) The link didn't make it clear for me, but perhaps I've missed something obvious? – Tom Wright Nov 30 '18 at 3:03

Yes in some situations. If your code is ever used as a library or someone introduces a SynchronizationContext. refer to this article. https://devblogs.microsoft.com/dotnet/configureawait-faq/#ive-heard-configureawaitfalse-is-no-longer-necessary-in-net-core-true

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