I'm using ruby on rails to modify a powerpoint presentations existing template's xml files (open xml) based on data from my postgres database.

The issue I am facing is that after the file is generated and downloaded from heroku using a windows machine, microsoft powerpoint detects the file as corrupted and attempts to repair. After repairing the file generated in powerpoint, the file opens correctly.

If i download the file from a Linux machine and send the file to a windows machine, the file opens correctly without warning or attempt to repair. The powerpoint generated also opens correctly on Open office.

Technically, these are the steps that I am using to generate the file.

  1. Open the template from the assets folder of my application
  2. Extract the files in a tmp folder using Rubyzip gem
  3. Open and modify the individual files using Nokogiri
  4. Compress the file to a .pptx file
  5. Upload/Save file using active storage
  6. Redirect user to the file for download

  7. Extract files method

    def self.extract_files(dir_prefix)

    Zip::File.open(Rails.root.join('app', "assets", "ppt", 'test_8.pptx')) do |z|
        z.each do |f|
            ##Extract files in a directory 
            f_path=File.join("tmp/#{dir_prefix}_destination", f.name)
            z.extract(f, f_path) unless File.exist?(f_path)


Opening files for manipulations using:

chartxml = File.open(Rails.root.join('tmp', tmp_extract_folder, 'ppt', 'charts', 'chart5.xml'))
##Manipulation logic here
File.write(Rails.root.join('tmp', tmp_extract_folder, 'ppt', 'charts', 'chart5.xml'), doc.to_xml)

Re-zipping files using:

zf =ZipFileGenerator.new("tmp/#{dir_prefix}_destination", "tmp/#{dir_prefix}_zipped.pptx")

The implementation of the zip file generator is the same as the one provided on Rubyzip's github repo

I'm then storing using active storage using:

    ppt = Powerpoint.new(name: "#{dir_prefix}") 

        io: File.open("tmp/#{dir_prefix}_zipped.pptx"), filename: 'Synthese.pptx', content_type: 'application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation'

    render :js => "window.location = '#{download_ppt_path(dir_prefix: dir_prefix)}'" 

The user then downloads the file:

ppt = Powerpoint.where(name: dir_prefix)
redirect_to rails_blob_path(ppt.first.file, disposition: "attachment")

I tried uncommenting the code which does the manipulation of the xml files, and just unzipping and rezipping; I still face the same issue.

  • @sawa My question is what could possibly be corrupting the file on windows and a possible solution to this situation – Satveer Bhantoo Nov 30 '18 at 6:01
  • When a powerpoint point presentation is downloaded on Linux (ubuntu), is the file automatically repaired? – Satveer Bhantoo Nov 30 '18 at 6:02

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