I have an object array (shown below). Each object array holds a multidimensional object array. This all seems fine until I actually try referencing an element.

 object[] dataArrays = new object[3];
 object[,] valueArray = (object[,])Rng.get_Value(Excel.XlRangeValueDataType.xlRangeValueDefault);
 dataArrays[0] = valueArray;

So I thought I could simply do something like the line below,


However I get an error message saying the Cannot apply indexing with [ ] to an experssion of type object, so how do I reference an element?


You'd have to cast the element, with the declaration as it stands. The problem is that the type of dataArrays[0] is just object, not object[,]. It could be a string, or any other reference.

If dataArrays always holds object[,] references, I'd suggest you make that clear in the declaration:

object[][,] dataArrays = new object[3][,];

The rest of your existing code will work, but so will dataArrays[0][3,4].

(I'd also suggest converting the data to a more usefully-typed representation as early as possible, if you can. I understand that that may not be possible, depending on your context.)

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