Does anyone know what the regular expression in Ruby is to verify an email address is in proper RFC 2822 email format?

What I want to do is:


where "RFC_2822_REGEX" is the regular expression to verify if my string is in valid RFC 2882 form.


You can use the mail gem to parse any string according to RFC2822 like so:

def valid_email( value )
   return false if value == ''
   parsed = Mail::Address.new( value )
   return parsed.address == value && parsed.local != parsed.address
  rescue Mail::Field::ParseError
    return false

This checks if the email is provided, i.e. returns false for an empty address and also checks that the address contains a domain.

  • This doesn't parse valid emails listed in RFC3696, including "Abc\@def@example.com". :( – indirect Nov 18 '13 at 21:04


Does regex validation based on RFC2822 rules (it's a monster of a regex, too), it can also check that the domain is valid in DNS (has MX or A records), and do a test delivery to validate that the MX for the domain will accept a message for the address given. These last two checks are optional.


Try this:

  • this REGEX allows for emails like "test@example/x.com" and therefor "test@example/////////////////////////////////x.com" – Jakob Cosoroaba Apr 1 '10 at 17:34

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