I am trying to install Rascal, but I get an error while doing so.

I followed the instructions at https://www.rascal-mpl.org/start/

Until here everything appeared to go well.

  • After starting Eclipse, I switched to the Rascal Perspective using Window>Perspective>Open Perspective> Other ...>Rascal

  • I created a new project called rascal-test

Now the error appears: Rascal needs a Java Development Kit (JDK), ...

According the Windows-settings a JDK is installed

The Eclipse setting shows two JRE's (Standard VM).

Deinstalling/Re-installing the software and Rebooting the system did not help.

Does anyone have any advice to overcome this error?

  • In Window > Preferences: Java > Installed JREs add the JDK and remove the JRE. – howlger Nov 30 '18 at 16:00
  • That should also work @howlger, depending on where the JDK is installed. We found that editing the eclipse.ini file is the one way that helps most definitely. – Jurgen Vinju Nov 30 '18 at 16:03

It's a configuration issue where Eclipse does not use the right Java installation automatically. You're not the first to run into this one (throubleshooting).

The way to fix it is described here. It requires locating your eclipse.ini file and pointing Eclipse to the JDK. C:\Program Files\eclipse\eclipse.ini for windows users, sometimes. Be careful with the spaces and the newlines in that file, because they're pretty sensitive. Also it's a good time to increase stack size and heap memory while you're at it, which is also described here

I've included the answer on that page here for easier reference:

  • find the file first
    • on MacOSX it may be in /Applications/Eclipse.app/Contents/MacOS/eclipse.ini
    • on Windows it may be in C:\Program Files\eclipse\eclipse.ini
    • on Linux its where you extracted the eclipse tarball.
  • then find the line that starts with -vm and add on the next separate line the path to the java run-time binary, e.g. /usr/bin/java or C:\Program Files\Java SDK 1.8\bin\javaw (note there is no .exe).
    • If you can't find the line that starts with -vm you should add it before the line starting with -vmargs
  • to have enough memory to run Rascal please
    • set the stacksize using the command line arguments of eclipse -vmargs -Xss8m,
    • or you might set this in the eclipse.ini file.
      • find the line that starts with -vmargs and add on a separate line -Xss8m
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