Currently, I have two instances of MongoDB, on the first MongoDB (, I have successfully set it up to be the primary replica set and this database does have SSL enabled with authentication.

I am trying to add the second MongoDB instance ( also known as WIN-NJT7FNIGR90) which is on another VM to the replicaset but I am getting the following error:

PRIMARY> rs.add("WIN-NJT7FNIGR90:27018")
        "ok" : 0,
        "errmsg" : "Quorum check failed because not enough voting nodes 
responded; required 2 but only the following 1 voting nodes responded:; the following nodes did not respond affirmatively: WIN- 
   NJT7FNIGR90:27018 failed with No connection could be made because the target 
machine actively refused it.",
    "code" : 74,
    "codeName" : "NodeNotFound",
    "operationTime" : Timestamp(1543594025, 1),
    "$clusterTime" : {
            "clusterTime" : Timestamp(1543594025, 1),
            "signature" : {
                    "hash" : BinData(0,"7XMqy78kJ1sp077O8OG/rBbj9Qo="),
                    "keyId" : NumberLong("6629676690215796737")

Below is the configuration file parameters:

Primary MongoDB:

bind_ip =,
port = 27017
auth = true
sslMode = requireSSL
sslPEMKeyFile = C:\mongodb.pem
replSet = test

Secondary MongoDB:

port = 27018
replSet = test

I have also added both machine names/IP's to the host file and have disabled firewalls.

Any help in resolving the error and adding the secondary replset successfully is much appreciated

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