i migrate local db into atlas using following process

  1. export db collection one by one using mongoexport --db bla --collection usersettings --jsonArray --out ~/Desktop/users.json command
  2. import these collection on atlas using mongoimport --host cluster0-shard-00-00-c7jiq.mongodb.net:27017 --db Eltar --type json --file ~/Desktop/userotp.json --authenticationDatabase admin --ssl --username name --password pass command

Now, when i connect to local mongo shell and run the query db.users.find() it shows all the record but when i run the same query db.users.find() after connecting atlas shell it shows only one record.

Records are showing on atlas but unable to get them using query

dont know what i am doing wrong here, any help will be appreciated thanks.


Done by migrating mongo db to mlab instead of mongo db atlas, still don't know the issue. But everything works fine on mlab

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