I have written a function in my model to insert an order into my database. I am using transactions to make sure that everything commits or else it will be rolled back.

My problem is that CodeIgniter is not showing any database errors, however it is rolling back the transaction but then returning TRUE for trans_status. However, this only happens if there is a discount on the order. If there is no discount on the order, everything commits and works properly.

I am currently using CodeIgniter 3.19, PHP (7.2), and mySQL (5.7), Apache 2.4.

The function logic works as such:

  • Inserts the order array into tbl_orders
  • Saves order_id, and goes through each of the order products (attaches order_id) and inserts the product in tbl_order_products,
  • Saves order_product_id and attaches it to an array of users attendance options and inserts that into tbl_order_attendance
  • Takes the payment transaction array (attaches the order_id) and inserts that into tbl_transactions
  • IF there is a discount on the order, it decreases the discount_redeem_count (number of redeemable discount codes) by 1.

Actual Function


public function add_order(Order $order, array $order_products, Transaction $transaction = NULL){

  $order_array = $order->create_order_array();

  $this->db->insert('tbl_orders', $order_array);
  $order_id = $this->db->insert_id();
  $new_order = new Order($order_id);

  foreach($order_products as $key=>$value){
    $order_product_array = $order_products[$key]->create_order_product_array();

    $this->db->insert('tbl_order_products', $order_product_array);
    $order_product_id = $this->db->insert_id();

    $product = $order_products[$key]->get_product();

    switch ($product->get_product_class()){
        case 'Iteration':
            $this->db->select('module_id, webcast_capacity, in_person_capacity');
            $this->db->where('iteration_id', $product->get_product_class_id());
            $results = $this->db->get()->result_array();
        case 'Module':
            $this->db->select('module_id, webcast_capacity, in_person_capacity');
            $this->db->where('module_id', $product->get_product_class_id());
            $results = $this->db->get->result_array();

        foreach($results as $result){
        $module_id = $result['module_id'];

        if($result['webcast_capacity'] !== NULL && $result['in_person_capacity'] !== NULL){
          $attendance_method = $order_products[$key]->get_attendance_method();
        }elseif($result['webcast_capacity'] !== NULL && $result['in_person_capacity'] == NULL){
          $attendance_method = 'webcast';
        }elseif($result['webcast_capacity'] == NULL && $result['in_person_capacity'] !== NULL){
          $attendance_method = 'in-person';

        $order_product_attendance_array = array(
          'order_product_id' => $order_product_id,
          'user_id' => $order_products[$key]->get_customer(true),
          'module_id' => $module_id,
          'attendance_method' => $attendance_method,

        $order_product_attendance[] = $order_product_attendance_array;
      $this->db->insert_batch('tbl_order_product_attendance', $order_product_attendance);

      $discount = $order_products[$key]->get_discount();

    $transaction_array = $transaction->create_transaction_array();
    $this->db->insert('tbl_transactions', $transaction_array);
    $transaction_id = $this->db->insert_id();

    $this->db->set('discount_redeem_count', 'discount_redeem_count-1', false);
    $this->db->where('discount_id', $discount->get_discount_id());


  if($this->db->trans_status() !== false){
    $result['outcome'] = true;
    $result['insert_id'] = $order_id;
    return $result;
    $result['outcome'] = false;
    return $result;

When this function completes with a discount, both trans_complete and trans_status return TRUE. However the transaction is never committed.

The UPDATE query (using $this->db->last_query();) outputs:

UPDATE `tbl_discounts` SET discount_redeem_count = discount_redeem_count- 1 WHERE `discount_id` = '1'

$this->db->affected_rows() outputs 1. Which means that the UPDATE query is working. However, still nothing being committed.

Column in mySQL: discount_redeem_count column in mySQL

What I've tried:

  • I have dumped the contents of $this->db->error() after each query and there are no errors in any of the queries.

  • I have used this->db->last_query() to print out each query and then checked the syntax online to see if there were any problems, there were none.

  • I have tried echoing all of the return insert_ids and they all work, I have also outputted the affected_rows() of the UPDATE query and it is showing that 1 row was updated. However, still nothing being committed.

  • I also tried changing to using CodeIgniters Manual Transactions like:


 // all the queries
if($this->db->trans_status() !== false){
    $result['outcome'] = true;
    $result['insert_id'] = $order_id;
    return $result;
    $result['outcome'] = false;
    return $result;
  • I have tried submitting an order that doesn't have a discount and the entire process works! Which leads me to believe that my problem is with my UPDATE query. [After Update:] But it seems that the update query is working as well.

Suggestions Tried:

  • We have tried setting log_threshold to 4, and looked through the CodeIgniter Log Files which shows no history of a rollback. However, the order_id is still being stored into the $order_id variable before the rollback happens and can be echoed, as well as the order_product_id and the transaction_id. That is why I think that that the problem has something to do with the last UPDATE query.

  • Checked the mySQL Query Log:

[Query Log]

2018-12-03T15:20:09.452725Z         3 Query     UPDATE `tbl_discounts` SET discount_redeem_count = discount_redeem_count-1 WHERE `discount_id` = '1'
2018-12-03T15:20:09.453673Z         3 Quit

It shows that a QUIT command is being sent directly after the UPDATE query. I am unsure if this would be the problem.

I also changed my my.cnf file for mySQL to have innodb_buffer_pool_size=256M. There was no change in the outcome.

  • As @ebcode recommended, I changed UPDATE query to use a simple_query() instead of using methods from CodeIgniter's Query Builder Class:

[Simple Query]

    $this->db->simple_query('UPDATE `tbl_discounts` SET '.
    'discount_redeem_count = discount_redeem_count-1 WHERE '.
    '`discount_id` = \''.$discount['discount_id'].'\'');

However, this produced did not affect the outcome any differently.

  • Tried to change the UPDATE query from:


$this->db->set('discount_redeem_count', 'discount_redeem_count-1', false);


$this->db->set('discount_redeem_count', '`discount_redeem_count`-1', false);

The reason for trying was because of this question. However, I have reverted the code back to not using back-ticks.

  • I have outputted th

If you have an idea that I haven't tried yet, or need more information from me, please comment and I will reply promptly.


Why does trans_status return TRUE if none of my transaction is being committed?

This question has an open bounty worth +150 reputation from adamoffat ending in 5 days.

Looking for an answer drawing from credible and/or official sources.

I have tried a lot of different things to solve this and I am starting to think it may be a bug. Looking for someone who has a high level of expertise using PHP and CodeIgniter to help me to understand what the problem is and why it's happening.

  • did you check $discount['discount_id'] values? – Vickel Nov 30 at 22:47
  • @Vickel Hey, yeah I did. When I used ‘$this->db->last_query()’ it shows that the ‘discount_id’ value is included. (In my test the ID value is 1) – adamoffat Nov 30 at 22:49
  • You haven't run $this->db->trans_strict(FALSE); somewhere you're not showing us have you? – DFriend Nov 30 at 23:36
  • @DFriend I appreciate the comment! Absolutely not, that was one of the first things I checked for. – adamoffat Nov 30 at 23:37
  • There are no entries in the log files either? – DFriend Nov 30 at 23:41

Maybe try replacing your update code with a call to simple_query?


    $this->db->set('discount_redeem_count', 'discount_redeem_count-1', false);
    $this->db->where('discount_id', $discount['discount_id']);


    $this->db->simple_query('UPDATE `tbl_discounts` SET '.
    'discount_redeem_count = discount_redeem_count-1 WHERE '.
    '`discount_id` = \''.$discount['discount_id'].'\'');

I poked around the CodeIgniter source code a bit, and it looks like the default query function does a lot of housekeeping that might be messing things up. And the simple_query function has this morsel of documentation:

 * Simple Query
 * This is a simplified version of the query() function. Internally
 * we only use it when running transaction commands since they do
 * not require all the features of the main query() function.
 * @param   string  the sql query
 * @return  mixed
  • Tried and the question has been edited. Unfortunately this made no difference. Thanks for the answer! – adamoffat Dec 4 at 14:14

First, you should make sure to turn on the Transaction Strict mode before starting transactions.


Second, please check the $order variable. is this an array? or a class? if this is a class then it probably failed at this line

$this->db->insert('tbl_orders', $order);

Third, if $order variable is a class then this line will succeed. If $order variable is an array then this line will fail.

$discount = $order->get_discount();

  • Hey there, At first I didn't include full code as I thought my objects might be confusing however I see now that the opposite is true, I have updated my question to show full code w/ objects. Also from CodeIgniter Docs: "By default CodeIgniter runs all transactions in Strict Mode". – adamoffat Dec 5 at 14:31
  • I think your discount object may fail in the first pass if the order has no discount. Because it was not initialized. – McBern Dec 6 at 0:32
  • Hey! So not every order will have a discount. However the function checks both times to make sure there is a discount before using it to update. Also, when I check the SQL query using $this->db->last_query() it outputs a full and syntactic query that can be used in phpMyAdmin. – adamoffat Dec 6 at 0:36

Based on EDIT 5:


$this->db->set('discount_redeem_count', 'discount_redeem_count-1', false);

should work (the back-ticked one would not.. the whole point of passing the false third parameter is so that CI doesn't escape your parameters with backticks, which would prevent the set statement to be passed as a string.

I did some quick tests in my own development code with an update similar to that one and the only way I got it to fail was to alter the table being updated so that the field (discount_redeem_count in your case) wasn't numeric. If my field was, for example, a VARCHAR it wouldn't work, but when I tried it on an INT field, it worked with no issues.

Are you positive the discount_redeem_count field is numeric?

  • Hey, thanks for the answer! I only tried to insert back ticks on that UPDATE query as I saw it on this answer. Also, I have checked the mySQL field data type and it is an INT value. – adamoffat Dec 5 at 15:46
  • 1
    bummer... I can't seem to find any other way to make it fail :( I'll update if I do – Javier Larroulet Dec 5 at 16:56

I'm thinking about your database field discount_redeem_count name.

Are you sure discount_redeem_count is not number? because here your trying to push a string value. So database field should be var or text.

Maybe helpful.


  • Thanks for the answer! However, all of my other foreign keys are done using the same method. Using a string to query an integer value from the database has never caused me any problems before. – adamoffat Dec 4 at 14:08
  • Not sure.. Maybe cache issue, Use $this->db->cache_delete_all(); before update query. – Jayesh Naghera Dec 5 at 5:22
  • Hey, I tried it out and there was no change! – adamoffat Dec 5 at 15:21

Maybe this works, i've tested it in my environment and it works:

    $this->db->group_start()->where("discount_id", $discount->get_discount_id())->group_end();
    $this->db->query($this->db->set("discount_redeem_count", "`discount_redeem_count`-1", FALSE)->get_compiled_update('tbl_discounts', FALSE));

Perhaps this is the real answer:

trans_status() must be run when you're inside a transaction. In your example trans_complete() resets the status flag.

(However, this is sad if you are using Galera or Group Replication since a transaction can still fail when running COMMIT.)


These are  `== NULL`:  NULL, '', FALSE, 0
These are `!== NULL`:        '', FALSE, 0

Notice how you use the "triple" !== for some tests against NULL, but use the "double" == for others.

Do this to see what you are actually getting:

  • Hey there, so I have dumped the values of pretty much everything and it's all working. The arrays being inserted all return insert_ids. However, none of the transaction is actually committed and the trans_status returns TRUE. I can include a dump of all the arrays in the question if that will make it more clear. – adamoffat yesterday
  • @adamoffat - trans_status must be called before trans_complete. (See the added text.) – Rick James yesterday
  • I saw that in the other answer, however CodeIgniters documentation contradicts it. Anyways, I tried to do that but there was no change in the outcome of the function. :( – adamoffat 17 hours ago

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