How to pass a changeset in phoenix form?

Here's a snippet from the controller:

def new(conn, _params) do changeset = Blog.change_post(%Post{}) render(conn, "new.html", changeset: changeset) end

But I get this error key :user not found in: %{}

Here's my post changeset: def changeset(post, attrs) do post |> cast(attrs, [:title, :content, :is_published]) |> validate_required([:title, :content]) |> put_slug() |> put_assoc(:user, attrs.user) end

  • check if attrs,user has something, print it with |> put_assoc(:user, IO.inspect(attrs.user)) – DarckBlezzer Dec 3 '18 at 19:14

Your problem seems to be that your "attrs" has no key :user and you are trying to access it in the line with "attrs.user".

If I would guess, I would say you should pass the params to the function "change_post" like "Blog.change_post(%Post{}, params)", this way you could pass those params to the creation of the changeset.

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