There is a Progressive Web App (PWA) using React and adal.js to authenticate users with their corporate account. The webapp is packaged with cordova into an iOS app (project created with PWABuilder).

Authentication works perfectly on every platform except iOS (Windows, Android, browser).

I open the app, it redirects to AD (login.microsoftonline.com), I type in my email (it redirects to the STS server), then the password, get redirected to the MFA page and sends a notification to the same iOS device I've opened the app (the actual device is configured as the second factor authentication). I click the notification, the Microsoft Authenticator app opens, I authenticate with TouchID. So far, so good.

The problem surfaces when I then switch back to the app and it is still waiting for MFA auth verification. Waiting forever.

Screen recording

This lets me draw the conclusion that the app in the background is in sleep mode or something, as it does not get the verification.

BUT: if I let the MFA request time out (don't click the notification), AD presents the option to use phone authentication. I answer the call, type in my pin code (app is in the background, dialer is above it) and when the dialer is closing, the authentication has succeeded and I'm in the app, authenticated, as I'd expect.

Screen recording (for some reason, recording stops when the phone starts ringing, but anyway, it works as I described above, phone auth says 'successfully verified', app gets authenticated correctly)

Any idea is welcomed! Thank you for the help in advance!

  • The first screen recording isn't showing. Just to clarify - you mean that when you MFA with the authenticator app the mobile iOS app still shows as awaiting MFA verification after you use TouchID and have completed the MFA? – Marilee Turscak - MSFT Dec 17 '18 at 21:41
  • @MarileeTurscak-MSFT sorry, pasted the video url twice... Now it should work. And answering your question: correct, that's the issue. After clicking the Authenticator notification and using TouchID (or anything else) when I get back to the app, it is still waiting for MFA verification. – Mark Szabo Dec 17 '18 at 22:09

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