I used to use VotingClassifier(from sklearn) like below. And now I want to find ensemble for regression model.

model= VotingClassifier(estimators=[('svmc', best_SVMC), ('rfc', best_RFC), ('xgbc', best_XGBC),('mlpc', best_MLPC)], voting='soft', n_jobs=2)

Could you recommend ensemble model for regression?


svmc = SVC()

rfc = RandomforestClassifier()

xgbc = XGboostClassifier()

mplc = MLPClassifier()


I found the way. Someone answered in Kaggle.

Solution :

Simply make predictions and take an average of them.


For classification there are two ways:

hard voting - class which was predicted by most models is selectes;

soft voting - each model predicts probabilities, classes with the highest probability are chosen.

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