What is the difference between XSD choice and enumeration?


They are completely unrelated.

Choice indicates that within the content model of an element, you can use one of several child elements: for example within a document you have a choice of chapter or appendix as child elements.

Enumeration is used to restrict the values that can appear in a text or attribute node, for example to say that the value of a color attribute must be red, green, or blue.


XSD choice allows you to choose between zero or one elements/attributes. These can be of any type.

Enumeration are used in XSD simpleTypes to either restrict or extend one particular type to a set of values.

  • +1 for the distinction between elements and values. How one phrases it (choice vs. restriction) is confusing. The bottom line is that both select/chose/pick. That said, choice has a feature that enumeration doesn't: The ability to have maxOccurs="unbounded" – Withheld Jul 26 '13 at 17:38

Gathering from the previous answers, and putting them together in clear, concise way:

The differences are two-fold:

  • choice is for element tag, and enumeration is for a node's text or attribute.

  • choice allows for zero instances, while enumeration requires one.

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