I have a huge data file in the following format:

section 1
data 1
end section

section n # n is a large number > 10000
data n
end section

The marker for the end of each section is the same, "end section". I need to frequently get a section and then another section to the end of the file. I do so in 2 steps:

cat dataFile | perl6 -ne 'my $n=1234; .say if /section \s $n/ ff /end \s section/' > neededPart
cat dataFile | perl6 -ne 'my $n=4321; .say if /section \s $n/ ff *' >> neededPart

This is cumbersome when I have do it many times. I wonder if perl6 has something like end-of-input or eof in match, so that I can just do in one line:

cat dataFile | perl6 -ne '.say if /1234 || 4321/ ff /"end section" || endOfFile/' > neededPart

Using the following does not work:

/1234 || 4321/ ff (/end/ or *)
/1234 || 4321/ ff ($_ ~~ /end/ or *)

You could try to use two ff conditions instead of a single. For example:

perl6 -ne '.say if (/1234/ ff /"end section"/) || (/4321/ ff *)' <dataFile
  • Ah-ha !! Very smart !! Thank you very much Hakon Haegland !!! – lisprogtor Dec 5 '18 at 7:55

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