i have tried to make a desktop assistant as voice recognizer and do as i say but i get this error every time i try to run that: unindent does not match with any outer indentation level. can someone please help me! it is somehow copied from YouTube video

gtts import gTTS
import speech_recognition as sr
import os
import webbrowser
import smtplib

def talktome(audio):
    tts = gTTS(text=audio, lang='eng')
    os.system('mpg123 audio.mp3')

def myCommand():

    r = sr.Recognizer()

 with sr.Microphone() as source:
     r.pause_threshold = 1
     r.adjust_for_ambient_noise(source, duration = 1)
     audio = r.listen(source)

            command = r.recognize_google(audio)
        print('you said: ' + command + '/n')

        except sr.UnknownValueError:

            return command

 def assistant(command):

     if 'open reddit python' in command:
         chrome_pathchrome_path = '/Program Files (x86)/google/Chrome/Application/chrome.exe'

         if 'what\'s up' in command:
             talkToMe('i am a bit busy')
          if 'email' in command:
              talkToMe('who is the recipient?')
              recipient = myCommand()

              if 'john' in recipient:
                  talkToMe('what should i say?')
                  content - myCommand()

                  mail = smtplib.SMTP('smtp.gmail.com', 587)
                  mail.login('username', 'password')
                  mail.sendmail('persion name', 'email address@whatever.com'. content)
                  talkToMe('email sent')
      talkToMe('i am ready for your sound')

      while true: assistant(myCommand())
  • The first bit of myCommand looks screwed up. r = should be at the same level as the with statement. Idk if that's what it's referring to though. What's the exact error? – Carcigenicate Dec 2 '18 at 20:43
  • hi @Carcigenicate would you mind see this error and tell what to do? thakns uupload.ir/files/9kwk_snapshot_۱۸-۱۲-۱۸_۱۳.۵۲.۴۹.png – norman Dec 13 '18 at 10:29
  • wait i have removed the empty line between them and now error is : invalid syntax and the word print after that becomes red what shall i do now? – norman Dec 13 '18 at 10:48

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